About me

The main topic I took into my art is transformation and connection between head and soul, the way of harmonizing those using color combination and daily contemplation. That's how I began to paint- transforming my individual extra sensitive way of feeling life, people, reality around me.

Art therapy and intuitive way of creation is my main inspiration. For me, it is a deeply spiritual way and as long as I am changing, my art is always different, but in an abstract way.
 People tell me, that my paintings bring them luck and positivity, bright colors, and a connection with themselves. I am happy I can provide such energy through my paintings, making their life better. 

There are 3 collections of my paintings: meditative and philosophical about deepness and connection with yourself, contemplating- about inner dialog with your feelings, and energizing- bright colorful paintings, which rise up your energy and mood.

I really believe that art created by the soul and with love can heal and harmonize.

My main purpose in art is to bring bright colors, inspiration, and miracles into different spaces and homes.